WHAT is all about? WHY we do it?

We’ve created SBNH Academy to provide free high-value knowledge from science departments (university level) such as mathematics, physics, mechanics, which usually You need to pay for and You don’t have quarantee of quality. Alternatively You can find some parts of topics on Youtube or forums. There wasn’t a a site with everything in one place. Theory plus excercises. Not one or two examples but full spectrum with step by step solution. Not standard: “this is obvious”, “this we can skip”, “that we will explain later”. We will try to add new lessons as regular as we can.

HOW we plan to do it? WHY You should check this out?


We provide simple as you can get solutions. Not long, complicated equations.

Step by step

We go step by step. From A to B to C to D. Not from A to Z in one step.

No shortcuts

Shortcuts are good but if you want to learn something, they main problem.


Every step consist with additional notes. You know why we did it, not just what.


We provide minimum theory to every step. Practice is good but not going blind.

Full solution

Full step by step solution to understand the problem.. Not just problem plus answers.

WHO will teach you?

Martyna Ulinowicz Ph. D.

Ph.D. in Mechanics / Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering.

Portfolio Project Manager nad R&D Director managing projects amongs others: European Space Agency, Eurepean Commision, The National Centre for Research and Development.

Project Manager and Team member covering areas of avionics, navigation systems, as well as mutual satellite navigation (in formation flight), mathematical modelling, identification and control of air, space, land, and water objects and their systems e.g. on the basis of heuristic methods, motion prediction as well as simulation of dynamic systems.

Cooperation with the European Commission as an independent expert/evaluator and reviewer of projects submitted under the Horizon 2020 Programme and other EC Programmes.