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After 15 years in High-Tech and IT projects we have decided to share our experience with others. That's why SmartButNotHard.com was born. Concept to deliver simple and useful solutions to common problems existing in those sectores.

Our main goal is to give you practical, fast and useful courses about High-Tech projects. From advanced engineering courses to management of projects, programmes and portfolios in High-Tech fields.


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Martyna Ulinowicz

Martyna Ulinowicz Ph. D.

Ph.D. in Mechanics / Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering.

Cooperation with the European Commission as an independent expert/evaluator and reviewer of projects submitted under the Horizon 2020 Programme and other EC Programmes.

Portfolio Project Manager nad R&D Director managing projects amongs others: European Space Agency, Eurepean Commision, The National Centre for Research and Development.

Project Manager and Team member covering areas of avionics, navigation systems, as well as mutual satellite navigation (in formation flight), mathematical modelling, identification and control of air, space, land, and water objects and their systems e.g. on the basis of heuristic methods, motion prediction as well as simulation of dynamic systems.


What you can expect from me?

Doctorate / Discipline: Mechanics / Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering
Master’s degree / Specialisation: Automation and Aeronautical Systems / Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering
Engineer’s title / Major: Automation and Robotics / Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Production Engineering
Actual experience managing Projects, Programs and Porfolios (EC, ESA, NCBiR)

 I have experience related to  industrial projects purely commercial, as well as Research and Development Innovative projects that leads to innovative solutions that will at the end brings products to the market.

I participated in many international projects (Horizon 2020 Programme and previous Framework Programs of the European Commission, European Space Agency ESA Programmes) and national initiatives (The National Centre for Research and Development projects).

My experience concerns both implementation of projects in the role of an Engineer, a Team Member, as well as management as a Team Leader, Project Manager, up to a person monitoring the project and managing the whole Portfolio of company projects.

I worked for small and large companies and I must admit that the problems from engineering and management points differs a lot! Then the maturity level adds to that equation and at the end very different approaches are required to get things done effectively!



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