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Plan your career in 2022. What you need?

Plans are good every year. You need to know where you’re going with your career. But 2022 is special. Situation with Covid-19 change things on many levels. Including workflows, work environment, communication, project management. Many things just won’t be the same anymore. It’s not that it will be necessary change for the worse. But change

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What is Project Portfolio in 2021?

Project Portfolio is usually understood as group of projects that are executed in one company. They don’t need to concern only one topic. They don’t need to be connected. Sometimes they are managed by one person, sometimes by many people. So, there is no one and only exact definition. What are elements of Project Portfolio?

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Project Portfolio Report Templates

One of the most important tools for Portfolio Project Manager is excellent template of Portfolio Report. This document is one of more powerful tools in your equipment. It connects upper management with day to day life in company. It has power to change whole portfolio strategy for entire company. You must use it wisely and

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7 main features of good Project Portfolio Report

Project Portfolio Report (Portfolio Report) is usually in a form of a document (electronic or paper one) that enable monitoring progress of the Projects gathered in the Portfolio. It is used as a basis to make proper decisions within the Portfolio and maintain good balance between projects. In result, it should lead to achieve strategic

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Portfolio Project Management Excel templates

Spreadsheets are not dead. In many cases they are the best tool for containing, calculating, and visualizing data. Also, you just need app like Ms Excel, Numbers, Libre Office to use it. You don’t need special, custom build software that implementation will take several months. Good templates can save any portfolio manager (or other team

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Top 5 reasons why you need knowledge base in your company

Knowledge base is often one of the most underrated element of company’s information systems. If exists, it is treated as necessary evil to maintain and (why?) to use. Good knowledge base can save company a ton of money. In this article we will give you top 5 reasons why you should implement knowledge base in

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