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Project Manager on paper Portfolio Manager in practice

Be honest. Sometimes as a manager, you do a lot more that comes from your contract. Do you think that your job title is not always reflecting what is your real role in the company? You are not alone and this happens a lot! The key is realizing it and adapt your action accordingly. From

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Project Portfolio in High-Tech companies

In Hi-Tech companies must be very careful when it comes to good organization, planning and quality assurance. Handling it well with hi-tech specialists can be tricky. People with great minds, thinking outside of the box and being creative most part of the day are key to those companies. However, at the same time, “very prosaic”

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What is Project Portfolio in 2020?

Project Portfolio is usually understood as group of projects that are executed in one company. They don’t need to concern only one topic. They don’t need to be connected. Sometimes they are managed by one person, sometimes by many people. So, there is no one and only exact definition. What are elements of Project Portfolio?

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7 main features of good Project Portfolio Report

Project Portfolio Report (Portfolio Report) is usually in a form of a document (electronic or paper one) that enable monitoring progress of the Projects gathered in the Portfolio. It is used as a basis to make proper decisions within the Portfolio and maintain good balance between projects. In result, it should lead to achieve strategic

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4 signs indicating that you have Project Portfolio

Many of us say: „No I am Project Manager, I manage Projects. Portfolio does not really concern me.”. Some of us have experience in bigger companies and they at once see dozens of projects or even hundreds of them when she/ he hears the word Portfolio. But in practice they have their own Portfolio and

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