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The course is available via our platform smartbutnothard.com. If you want to enroll the course and you are not yet our student (you do not have an account on smartburnothrd.com platform), you have to create the account. To create the account you have to register first. You will need your first and last name, login, e-mail and password created by yourself to do so. Then you just have to choose the course and purchase it using your account. You will get the access to the whole course via the platform after the successful finalization of the purchase.

The platform is user friendly but if you have any doubts or difficulties do not hesitate to ask Contact Form

All our courses are prepared with the main goal to be useful and to make possible learn practical aspects. The main advantage for you is that it enables resolving problems in much shorter time comparing to starting from the scratch by yourself. Lectures have exercises that enable you to get your hands dirty from the beginning. Courses are designed to lead you step by step throughout the whole process and make it much easier to learn and practice useful skills. But do not worry -at the same time- we make sure that each step is just right for you to keep up with the course pace! We try to make use cases and enable you to choose from them to make sure that the content will be really helpful for finding solution more dedicated for you.

The core of the course makes videos. It is very convenient as you can watch them in various places even if you are not near your computer at the moment. It is also very good form of expression to learn more in shorter time when you see and an the same time hear the course. Aside videos there are usually additional materials. In most cases those are some files that will be useful throughout the course and templates for you to fill in and make your life easier. There are also some materials connected to exercises to make sure that from the beginning you go straight to real live problems. In this way builds your knowledge upon use cases.

Each course is divided into several Chapters of similar topic and each chapter has several Lectures inside. Most Lectures have videos with practical knowledge about the topic. Then everything you learn is put into practice by exercises strictly connected and linked to the content of videos. The most efficient way to get the most from the course is by watching the Lecture video and then performing dedicated exercise by your own. You can come back to videos, pause it and easily search for some tips or parts that you do not entirely remember/understood after watching for the first time. In that way you will make sure that the learning process will be effective.

In case of some courses the most convenient is to access the course by your computer as it will be easier to do the exercise and access the course videos at the same time.

The best practice is to take the course for the first time in the suggested order, starting from the first chapter and just continuing step by step as the course is built. But then if you want some specific part to review for the second time -jump right to the chapter that is of importance to you.

Yes, if you purchase the course you will have the access to the whole course that means all course materials from the beginning. You can jump to what part or chapter you like. However, the best practice is to take the course for the first time in the suggested order, starting from the first chapter and just continuing step by step as the course is built. But then if you want some specific part to review for the second time -jump right to the chapter that is of importance to you.

If some materials will be updated or added to that course, you will also have access to them.

Our courses are prepared to be kind of the guides by their own. So there are no additional consultations foreseen with each course. But the formula is straightforward and we make great effort to make sure that you will be able to go through the course on your own but with a right amount of knowledge and assistance coming from the videos and additional materials.

There are many exercise in the course very well linked to the knowledge that you gain watching videos with the course main content. You will also get the proposed solutions of some exercises to make sure that you can check it yourself. Some exercises are connected to your exact case. After giving you good background knowledge and presenting relevant use cases, you are encouraged to take step further and try to solve this aspect of your own professional case by solving those exercises.

You need Internet access to use the platform. So it will not be possible to watch videos offline but you can download other materials and use them offline for the educational purposes. There is more information about technical aspects in Terms and Conditions

Yes, it is possible to use mobile devices like phone or tablet to access the platform and its content. But for some courses you will need access to some software that is easier to work on your personal computer. Especially in case of solving exercise, it will be more convenient to use your computer and for example come back to some important part of the course video using the platform. In that case bigger screen helps a lot.

The course is strictly linked to the physical user and her/his account created in the Platform and the license is given only to that person, so it is not allowed to share the course and content of the service that you purchase with someone else -even family and friends. There is more information about license and terms of service in Terms and Conditions

The people who are preparing courses are experts in their fields, practitioners with good background knowledge and years of experience. In many cases they also have experience in teaching and they easily see difficulties that comes with the topic. They are well aware how important is the formula of knowledge presentation to make students involved, makes the learning experience pleasant and at the same time really help to find solutions that will be helpful for students in their professional life. They want to share their approach in courses and give you some useful insight. They have good understanding in new technologies and try innovative solutions but are not afraid to honestly say that sometimes not very sophisticated solutions are the most efficient ones.

If you want to know more do not hesitate and visit Our instructors page

Yes, if you need the invoice, you will get the invoice in electronical form (pdf mostly). Just remember to thick the box that you want an invoice during the purchase and make sure to fill in with right data all necessary fields to make it possible to prepare the proper invoice for you.


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