Top 5 reasons why You should take our new course

Recently we’ve launched our new course about creating Project Portfolio Report. You can enroll here: .

It’s a step by step guide

It’s not a course where you have theory about how to do it and in the end, you need to figure out everything by yourself. It’s step by step guide. From analyzing your situation, completing all documents and data, through assessments and calculations, to fully prepared document that you can show your upper management. Every exercise has two versions:
  • Based on data that we provide.
  • Based on your data.
It’s worth to mention that in each exercise you’re using materials from previous one. It’s step by step not entirely different thing every time.  

Updated for 2021

This course is not based on theoretical data from ’90 but on experience that you can successfully use in 2021. Especially in 2021, when situation with Covid-19 have changed so many things. Every document, every data you’ll need is listed and carefully described. You also get templates that you can use to create your own documentation.  

Experience from top companies and institutions

European Commission, European Space Agency, European Regional Development Fund those are big players in high tech world. Projects including thousands of people and enormous funds. But with involvement of companies from very small ones to very large ones. Thus, developed solutions and standards must be applicable to some point to all types of involved enterprises. This is crucial because if something is working in cooperation with big player, who knows how to handle and manage companies of so different profile and capabilities, after few tweaks it will work in your situation as well.  

We all need to learn new things in 2021

2021 will be the year of change. You need new skills to achieve your goals. If someone is not moving forward, she/he is moving backwards. And we all know how it usually ends… You can’t sit and hope that everything will be ok. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  

Maybe you don’t even know that you have Project Portfolio

There is a chance that you don’t even know that you have Project Portfolio to manage. Many projects, many people, many initiatives? Sounds familiar. Even if your job title is not Portfolio Project Manager there is a chance you still are one.
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