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Make your first Portfolio Report – new course

We’ve launched our first course on this platform. It took some time, but it’s finally there. 2020 was tough for everyone. Including our team. But we wanted to make sure that this course will be exactly as it should: practical knowledge how to build Portfolio Report. What is it about? Why you should enroll? I

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Happy New Year

2020 was tough for everyone. Both on private and on business level. May 2021 be much better with happiness, normal workflows and in good health. Happy New Year

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Top 5 skills needed to be excellent project portfolio manager

Anybody can be a Portfolio Project Manager. It’s just a job title. But to be excellent at your job, you need certain skills. Take a look at 5 skills that for as are the most important. Communication with others Management skills Patience Fast & cold decision making You must be tough Communication with others This

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Is portfolio manager a good career?

Project Portfolio Manager on your career path? Is it a good choice? Short answer: “yes”. Longer: “yes, but”. You need to consider few things and find out pros beats cons in your case. Challenges Constant learning Satisfaction Money Hard decisions You can’t please everyone Long, long hours Is it worth it? Challenges Project Portfolio Manager

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What does project portfolio manager really do?

Theory – overseeing everything – and that’s all Theory is often far from practice. PPM is responsible for overseeing the planning, development, and implementation of projects. You must make sure that everything is going as planned. Focus on major things. That’s it… in theory… Welcome in real life Planning Day-to-day development Risk management Managing resources

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