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Project Portfolio Management Software. What are your options?

You finally came to conclusion that you need some sort of software / app to help you manage company’s portfolio. But what you really need? Notepad, simple app, complicated software? In this article we will try to help you. Depending on your situation (finances, portfolio size, unique features required), you need different solution. We’ve prepared

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Portfolio Project Management in a small company

Yes, small business also can have portfolio, and may need project portfolio management. Even if there is no such position in current company structure. Do you have a Portfolio to manage? Many tasks, one person Projects, subprojects, initiatives Small company – big challenge Don’t loose focus – keep it simple Do you have a Portfolio

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Promotion to Portfolio Project Manager. What now?

You have been promoted for Project Portfolio Manager? Congratulations! But what now? How to start and not failed at the beginning? Don’t worry – you’ve come to right place. First, we need to determine from which position did you get your promotion: Promotion from project manager, Migration from different position. Promotion from project manager If

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Top 5 reasons you should constantly improving your skills

Especially now investing in yourself should be No 1 strategy for you. Covid – 19 only speed things up. Now more than ever you need new skills. Don’t know why? Here are our top 5 reasons: Everything is changing Everything is more automated Many skills won’t be needed – get new ones Train your brain

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Project Manager on paper Portfolio Manager in practice

Be honest. Sometimes as a manager, you do a lot more that comes from your contract. Do you think that your job title is not always reflecting what is your real role in the company? You are not alone and this happens a lot! The key is realizing it and adapt your action accordingly. From

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Project Portfolio in High-Tech companies

In Hi-Tech companies must be very careful when it comes to good organization, planning and quality assurance. Handling it well with hi-tech specialists can be tricky. People with great minds, thinking outside of the box and being creative most part of the day are key to those companies. However, at the same time, “very prosaic”

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